Blackjack’s German Shepherds are home/family raised in the country. We are a small home based breeder, which gives our
puppies an extra advantage of having daily attention for socializing them for tremendous attitudes and that special people
pleasing personality. Our goal is to specialize in exceptional quality dogs for the family, that will have relatively easy going
temperament, that will have natural (but sensible) protection drive, large structure, incredible color, and beautiful breed type so
lacking in today in many German Shepherds in America.

Not just a Puppy! A once in a Lifetime Companion!

Our German Shepherds have outstanding breed qualities worthy of being passed on to another generation.
They are Easy to live with, Trainable, Stable, and Calm, yet possessing enough Drive to Work and Protect. The structure of our
dogs is excellent, balanced, harmonious and efficient, and their general appearance is quite homogeneous.
They are great reliable Personal Protection Dogs and most important they are part of our family.
My home to yours-
I am there for each first breath. Days and sleepless nights are spent caring for our precious new babies. Love is given to each
new little beating heart. Joy is felt watching these babies grow each day. Heartache is faced when something doesn't go the right
way. The best care is given to all these puppies each day of their new lives.  Ask us questions. Let us help you provide the best
for your baby. And if your family should ever face the hard decision of having to give up your dog, we are here to help our dog
return home. Forever and always!

A recent addition in was our new 12’ X 40’ deck. It features a custom door with a puppy ramp to access the deck. This deck is
attached to their 10’ X 12' Heated & Air-conditioned "Play House" which ensures their comfort and safety no matter the outdoor
temperatures. We have 4 (10' X 40' ) Runs, 2 (20' X 40') Runs and 2 (20' X 30') Runs.
Our Pups are born in (1) of our Three  ( 3 ) 8'
X 10' Nurseries with Heat & Air and Monitored 24/7 by Me via Web Camera.

We love our puppies dearly, give them the best possible start we know how and try to find the best possible homes for each and
every puppy. It is this type of love and care we have for our puppies that sets us apart from most other breeders. I know my pups
inside and out and try to ensure the proper placement of the "right" puppy into the "right" home.
"Our Babies"
Meet Our Excellent "Socializing Team" here at Blackjack's German Shepherds.
Our German Shepherds have plenty of room to Run & Play. What you see on our Website is EXACTLY what you will see when you Visit Us!
Playing on the Deck
Playing in the Grass Pen
I am a Responsible Breeder for Life..The best part of being a breeder. (No, it's not putting away the newspapers and puppy
food.) It's having those great families I selected to call me with news of their first veterinarian visit, first dog event, first win!
It's getting letters. It's getting holiday cards. It's getting family portraits with my puppy (yes, it'll always be mine) smack in the
middle. What's not to love about being a breeder at these times? But now can come the worst part, too. It's the nice young
couple who is divorcing and neither person can keep the dog and many other reasons….As a responsible breeders, I am
there for all situations - both good and bad. I know I was responsible for this puppy being born, so I am responsible for it
until the day it dies. I am always willing to provide guidance and answer as many questions as I am asked. I am always
concerned about my puppies. One breeder once said the most satisfying phone call she received came 14 years after she
bred her first litter. The caller said one of "her" (the breeder's) dogs had died of old age. At that moment the breeder knew
she was responsible for bringing years of the same kind of love and joy she experienced from her dogs into someone else's
home. Ultimately, that should be why you want to breed in the first place.
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