Nataly & Bad Box's Litter 4/5/18
Blackjack's Xena
Blackjack's Cooper
Blackjack's Star
Blackjack's ??
Paulette Just wanted to thank you again. Your dedication and devotion to these animals makes it possible for us to enjoy the love and joy they bring to
our homes. We've decided on Starr for our little girl. She slept most of the way home woke up to poop. Did well last night. Attached a few pictures. Will
continue to share as she grows and discovers. We truly appreciate all you've done for us and Starr..The Russom Family
Hey...Our first shower. Mommy got in there with me and I did AWESOME
again!!! Of course. Never once tried to escape. Again Paulette your love
comes thru. After the fur babies met. Ate , water, p and poo they all fell
asleep on me. Lol everyone slept in the bedroom with us. Do they make
triple king size beds !! No Xena and Thor were on the floor next to me. I
LOVE LOVE my new baby. Working with her already. She is soooooo
smart. Paulette Johnston you are a Angel. All your love in your babies
shows. I am so thankful to met you and honored to have Xena. Thanks Lisa
Hello. Wanted to let you know my mommy took me to the vet today for my second set of puppy
shots and I weight 17.8 lbs. Our next appt is 6-29. Xena is so awesome. Love love her.
Hi Paulette, just wanted to let you know Cooper is doing great. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but he’s crate trained, knows his name already and is potty trained. I’m
sure it’s going to be two steps forward, one step back but he’s truly amazing. Sometimes great things do come to those who wait. Thank you for allowing us to share
in what you do. -The Klinger family.
4 Months
5 Months
Cooper has graduated again! So proud
and in love with our BIG puppy.
6 Months
Bonnie & Bear's Litter 6/30/18
Blackjack's Marshall
Blackjack's Dolly
4.5 Months Old
4.5 Months Old
Mrs. Paulette, This is my Dolly. She is a mess!!!!! I have a couple coming to the
house helping me train Dolly, she is doing so good. She can already ( sit, lay
down, heel, stay, come, speak, shake! She is so smart! O and she is right at
50#'s now @ 4 1/2 month's. Hope ya'll are doing well, and thanks again for Dolly
Hi Paulette, Cooper is doing great. We couldn’t be happier with him.  You did fantastic!  We’re always getting
complements on his demeanor and his handsome good looks. Cooper is a lean strong 95lbs. The doggie
day care loves having him a few times during the week, he’s a favorite there. Pierson, our 8 year old son, has
bonded with him as well. He is so good with children it’s hard to believe he’s only 16 mos old. Hope you’re
doing well. Regards,
The Klinger family
18 Months
8 Months Old
I love my girl and don’t know what I would do without her.
Thanks, Gerry
12 Months
Bonnie & Chief's Litter 1/24/19
18 Months
This is Star at 18 months.She is amazing has such a great personality, lots of energy and thinks she has to be
everywhere Brad is.  Picture shows him working on one of our rollback wreckers, she is up on the bed with him   
Thank you so very much for your love and commitment to this breed.  Cannot not imagine not having her with us!
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Blackjack's Eli
Hey Paulette, Eli and
Chloe are doing great
together...Love our Boy!
Thanks Leah.
Blackjack's Ranger
Blackjack's ???
"Ranger owned and love by the Carter Family
Blackjack's Loki
Blackjack's Jules
Owned and loved by the Walker Family
Baby Loki weighing in at 36 pounds at 14 weeks he is a
sweet boy..Thanks Kelly
6 Months
14 Weeks
Owned and Loved by the Steels Family