JACKIE & MAX'S Pups- 04/21/2016
We would like to say "Thank You" to each and everyone of you for believing in us and all that we do. Your trust is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!  Your New Puppy
Blackjack's Adelaide "Ada"
Blackjack's Ziva
Blackjack's Cochise
Blackjack's Freya
Blackjack's Kiba
Blackjack's Ace
Hey Paulette,I am just emailing you to let you know we
named her Kiba (pronounced keeba) and took her to the
vet this morning.  She received a clean bill of health and
the vet told us we have a "great dog".  I will send you
some pictures soon.  She is very happy and loves playing
with the kids.  You were right about when she gets tired,
she just plops down and sleeps wherever she is!  She is a
great addition to our family, thank you! Regards, Fred
Mrs. Paulette! She is so precious and sweet! We
just made it home and she made the long trip like
a champ!! Gave her water all along the way and
stopped for potty breaks and she did her business
just fine! Almost like she was saying" I'm finished
and it's hot out here! Let's get back in the car!"
She would pee then run back to us as soon as she
was done. We are totally besotted with her! She
couldn't be more ours or more loved than she is
right now! I'm serious...precious doesn't do her
justice. Came in the house had more water and
plopped down on my feet as soon as I sat down.
Wants to touch either me or Currie all the time.
Vaughn is jealous he has to be out of town a few
days! Haha. Wants to be here with her so much!
Just wanted to say thank you for raising such a
precious baby!Thanks DEE
Blackjack's Ziva is 24 lbs and a handful
of joy and energy. Our Ziva is such a
smart girl! She is acclimating well to her
new home. Loves playing with her toys
especially a squeaky ball that I think
she thinks is alive! Haha! Just love her
sooo much!  In just 2 very short work
sessions, this baby has mastered "sit"
and "down"! Thinking potty training will
not take long either as she HATES
going outside in this heat! Does her
business and back towards the door
she heads. Have I said yet how sweet
she is??!
3 Months
3 Months
Our sweet Blackjack's Cochise. 3 months old and 26 pounds.
Thank Andrea B
3 months
3 Months
I am soooo smart. Can sit, down, stay and
always ring the bell to go out! Weighed 30
lbs at 3 months old..We love her so much.
Thanks Jo
My husband with his lap
dog. She gets spade in a
couple of weeks. Didn't
want to risk a pregnancy.  
We're putting down all tile
floors. She rolled herself
up in about 5 feet of
carpet in our bedroom
while playing with the
other dogs. We could only
laugh at that point. Will do
puppy training next month
with her Dad then in
spring they will start
"official" obedience
training. She already
knows the basics, so
smart. We love her so
much! Thanks Jo
Hey Paulette,I hope you are doing well.  Please see the picture of Kiba below.  
She is 35 lbs and the vet says she is in great shape.  The vet told us she will be
a big dog and that her coat is beautiful!  She is very playful as you will see in
the video attached.  She likes to help with the dishes, which means if we drop a
whisk she barks at it!  She is not a fan of the vacuum however and has been
known to bark at it from time to time.... She is a very vocal and playful dog and
fits in with us very well. She starts obedient school in a couple of weeks, I will let
you know how that goes.Thanks Fred
3 Months
6 Months
Ziva has just returned to us from some training
and she is according to our trainer far
advanced beyond her age! Her comportment
and her natural grace and understanding of
situations is,in his words, remarkable and rare.
He said he has had several people ask where
she was bred who saw her. But we love her
sooo much because she is loving and sensitive
and already watches our every move and is
simply, part of us now. So for all this and more,
thank you, ms. Paulette!
6 Months
Blackjack's Adelaide "Ada" graduation
pic from Pro Train. So very proud of
her.. She is a very well behaved girl
but still a puppy hahaha. Just can't say
enough good things about our girl.
Thank You.  
6 Months
Ace Loves the water, chasing his ball,
and very sure of himself...Love our
boy! Thanks
6 Months
6 months
He is the sweetest boy ever and we love him. Got a great
check up at the vet and he weighed 68ls last week. Thanks
for our baby...lol
Hi Paulette, Kiba is doing great.  As of about two weeks ago she
weighed 62 lbs, so she is going to be big, but she is lean and
strong.  She loves to play frisbee!  She likes the ball ok, but loves
the frisbee. She likes to chase it down and catch it in mid air. Here is
a picture of her.  Please contact me any time. Thanks,Fred
7 Months
8 Months
Bonnie & Bear's Pups- 02/10/2017
We would like to say "Thank You" to each and everyone of you for believing in us and all that we do. Your trust is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!  Your New Puppy
Blackjack's Blue Skye
Blackjack's Annie
Blackjack's Sigi..
Blackjack's Abby
Blackjack's Ace
Blackjack's Major
Paulette Major is doing great. He sits, comes, stays, heels, downs, and retrieves. I'm working with
him on the underground fence so he can start running freely outside with our Brittany Spaniel. He
has been everything we hoped he would be for our daughter, a devoted companion. He goes
everywhere she goes and cries for her when she leaves. I took this picture at 18 weeks. Thanks
Hey Paulette! Wanted to give you an update on Skye aka Miss Blue. She is doing
awesome!! She is such a smart smart girl. Her markings are changing daily! Her
eyes have become a beautiful copper color. She loves her family and is very
social. To anyone on your waiting list, we too waited over a year. You will not be
disappointed!! Your babies are worth the wait!!! We love our Girl...Thank You!!
7 Months
6 Months
Just a few pictures from Bonnie and
Bears litter back in February 2017. Ms.
Abby. She's ALOT bigger than she
looks and still growing. And only 7
months. Couldn't ask for a better dog.
And too smart for her own good. Thank
you Paulette Johnston for what you do.
7 Months
Hi Mrs. Paulette! Just wanted to update you on our Sigi. She is a wonderful,
smart, loving dog. She is already very protective of her family and home, she
rings the bells to let us know she needs to go out, loves to play, desires so
much to please, and absolutely adores our three boys. Sigi weighs 48 pounds
at 5 months old! We love her so much and can't imagine how we got along
without her! Please see photos below. Enjoy!
Thanks again for such a wonderful dog! The Bufkin Family

      Photo Coming Soon!
2 Years
Blackjack's Atlas
Blackjack's Ranger
Good Morning Paulette. We named him Blackjack's
Atlas! Tell Bonnie & Bear Thank You for our beautiful
boy! He is very smart and we absolutely Love Him. Merry
Christmas! You are the best!
Thank you Paulette he is everything I had hoped for in a
GS. You are the best GS breeder in this country and it’s
not even close! He is my big baby boy and he knows it lol
I’ve got to tell you something that will make you VERY PROUD of Ranger...You know how you’ve told me that
your GS’ are very alert and are good watch dogs? Well Ranger let the neighbors around us know that there
was a possible intruder at the neighbors behind us. I heard him barking and I could tell that his bark was a
different bark tonight. Long story short, the guy came to that neighbor’s front door and then went into their
open carport rummaging in their stuff. The neighbors granddaughter told the police that she thought she first
heard the man in their backyard ( their fence is connected with ours). I wouldn’t doubt that bc Ranger was
angry and you could tell it. He was barking like he wanted to kill something. Never heard that kind of bark from
him before and I am VERY VERY proud of him bc he protected me tonight as I was home alone...I love my boy!
Greetings Paulette!  Hope all is well. We got back from our trip and atlas
had a great time staying with kids down in college station.  Lots of
socialization and new experiences. He’s doing great and we couldn’t be
more pleased. He gets compliments from everyone who sees him!  This
is by far his favorite activity. He loves playing in the pool!!! He’s going to
be a great swimmer when the weather warms up.  Best wishes to you
guys. Cheers! Angela.