JACKIE & MAX'S Pups- 01/17/2015
Blackjack's Bear
Blackjack's Kojak
Blackjack's  Jax
Blackjack's  Jade
Blackjack's  Jax-Son's-M-C
Blackjack's Bounty Hunter Boba Fett
Blackjack's Caesar's Empire
We would like to say "Thank You" to each and everyone of you for believing in us and all that we do. Your trust is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!  Your New Puppy
Ms. Paulette, The pup is doing great!  I took him to the
vet and the vet said he was in great health and very
intelligent. He asked me who I got him from and I told him
Blackjack's German Shepherds. He said that you had
done a great job socializing him and caring for him. I call
him Boba. He had no trouble staying in his crate at night
from day one, he doesn't cry at all.  He is pretty much
house broken, I'm getting a bell to go by the door so that
he can get my attention when he needs to go out.  He
loves being outside and it's hard to get him back in
some days after we take our daily walk on my property.
He attacks every small sapling and twig we come across
and he likes tracking rabbits and deer that have been
grazing on the property at night. I can't get over how
quickly he is learning, definitely going to be the easiest
pup I've trained. Thanks again for a great pup! He is
definitely going to be an awesome German Shepherd!
We're home, we're bathed, fed, pooped and
ready for our first night together.Made 3
successful pit stops on the way home. What a
beautiful puppy! So nice to meet you; feel like
I've known you for a while. I took him to vet, vet
was very impressed with him and your
paperwork. He read it all and said, " Wow, these
folks know their business!" He checked the stool
sample and said it was fine and weighed him. I
am to take him back in 2 weeks. Today we have
played and napped and eaten 4 good meals
and drunk lots of water. He has a collar on and
doesn't like it so far. He is adorable and doing
well. Has the most intelligent face!
Thanks again for a beautiful puppy! Joy
The new puppy (Jade) is doing fine.  She loves
the yard and all the new things to explore.  She's
making friends with the rest of the pack and they
are adjusting to having a puppy in the group.  
Sandy our rescue GSD is 8 and she is Jade's
target new BFF.  No crying or separation problem
with this one.  She loves to play and gives plenty
of puppy kisses. Thanks, Jim
Hey Paulette! Hope all is well with you! How is
Dancer? Can't wait to see her pups! Kojak is
doing great! He's got the idea of the potty
training and knows to run to the door. Just
sometimes doesn't make it to the door. He'll
catch on. He starts puppy obedience class
next month and also doggie daycare after his
next shots. He is such a good boy when it
comes to bedtime. He just goes right to bed at
night. Don't hear a sound out of him til next
morning. Wanted to keep you updated on
Kojak ' s progress. We just love him!!!!!
Hi Paulette we named our pup,  Blackjack's
Caesar's Empire..."Caesar" He is a big boy for
sure...  Our other GS, Bella does realize this is a
baby but we are taking our time with the "hanging
out" period. Caesar is very smart and mastered
potty outside in 2 hours...we are very thankful for
this beautiful pup and know Bella will have a buddy
for life....
Hey Paulette, He is doing great, he is super
smart, and mischievous, fits right in at our home!
He has brought each of us much joy and keeping
us on our toes. Will send some pictures next
week, he has grown a lot just in the short few
weeks that we have had him.
Blackjack's  Max
I just want you to know that Jax is doing great and
he has really adjusted well....he is spending a lot
of time outside this week and he is getting very
BIG....the Dr says he is a beautiful boy and he is
starting to get a sweet little personality.....thank
you for helping raise such a wonderful pup...we
love him so much!! Fred H
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
Bear is such a great puppy!!! He
weighs 32 pounds now.  His feet are
huge and his markings are so pretty.
Also, we added a beautiful 7 mo old
sable to our pack and she and Bear
are getting along fine. That's Bear
on the right. He's got his big boy
ears now and is sweet and
gorgeous. His coat is like mink. They
She's doing great!  She's met her new vet and gotten her
shots and been chipped.  She is a real pistol!  It's clear she
will grow to be the alpha of the pack and has become fast
friends with Sandi our 8 year old.  She loves to run and play
in the water, which we have plenty of right now.  You can
see from her pictures her ears are up and she is growing at
good pace.  She's weighs in at about 25lbs now and every
day we wonder will it be the last time we can pull her up onto
our lap. LOL Jim
weeks old and 30lbs.
The vet was very
impressed by how
much he had grown in
just a few weeks.
Hi Paulette..Jax is doing well.  I am taking him to the vet today for one last booster because my vet said canine
distemper is bad this year and shepherds are one of the highest risk.  So we are getting one more shot just to
be sure, as well as the canine influenza vaccine.  Overall he is doing great,  I'm attaching a short video of him
with his newest toy,  a water sprinkler bought just for him because he loves to play in the water.  I will send more
pictures this afternoon with an update on his weight,  he is growing like a weed on miracle grow,  that Dyne
really works!  His full name is Blackjack's Jax-Son's M-C.  When I took him for his last shots at 3 months he was
thirty pounds and he is getting taller every day. I'm sure he is closing in on 40 lbs
3 Months
Dancer & Max'z Pups- 4/29/2015
Blackjack's  Nick
Blackjack's  Whiskey
Blackjack's  Jazmine
Blackjack's  Private Dancer
Blackjack's  Jammin Jade
Blackjack's  Bella
Blackjack's  Carson
Hi Paulette the vet check last week went well. Will get 2nd
shots 7/1. Baby Jade "JJ" is adjusting well. We just love
her she is so sweet, gaining weight and getting big , She
dachshund Sophie. She’s trying to make friends with our
cat, Cali but Cali is not real sure about her yet. Vet
thought she was beautiful and very "German" looking
shepherd. I'll send a pic when my daughter can help(not
too tech savvy). Thanks for such a precious pup!!!!
Paulette this little one hear is doing good but she let out some barking
yesterday Sounded like a big dog!! And she is fearless!!! She is potty
trained 98% No accidents yet. She sleeps all night in her bed and is very
independent. SO far we are doing wel.l She will sit for a treat. Now to work
some real nice toy's She is loving it!! She is so outgoing and fun ! She
went to the vet and he loved her. He said she is Beautiful. I was there over
an hour He was so impressed. He said her eyes are fine and it is probably
a allergy and Im doing the right thing for her. She is 12 lbs. and SASSY!!! I
got her a new bed today and she is trying to eat it HA!! She prefers the
cool tile floor!! SO were good and her ears are starting to perk up little!!
Will get pictures this weekend!!
Hi Paulette, he is 8 Weeks old 13 pounds. I think his
name is Carson. Carson rode in the back of the Vette
and slept the entire trip back. This is one good Dog :-)
My Annie is doing much better, and having fun with
her new baby.. Love,Larry
6 Months
Can't believe this little man is 6 months
73.6lbs today! You have filled our hearts!
Thanks, Mary & Randal
6 Months
3 Months
Hi Paulette our girl is 3 months now & getting big
and she is very smart. We just love her and she is a
wonderful addition to our family. Thanks for our
gorgeous girl...Take care, Cindy
JJ got her 3rd set of shots today. 17#.She's doing great . Eating well
and having a blast with our dachschund Sophie. will send pic soon.
She's beautiful!!!! 3 mo. pic of JJ. Getting big and she's so beautiful.
Wonderful addition to our family. She is adjusting well and will get
microchipped soon. Thanks so much. Sheila
3 Months
Blackjack's Jessie
9 Weeks
3 Months
Hi Paulette, Jessie is doing great! She doesn’t like having her picture taken. She does like chasing
balls, squeaky toys, and playing in her water bowl. Pat Tracy
We recently moved to a home with 6 acres completely fenced in, and wow does Caesar loves it!!! He is very smart weighs 78 lbs at 6 mons...and energetic
and loves to chase anything flying-birds, bees,dragonflies,etc. He is very sweet and yet protective at the same time - already letting us know if someone
pulls up...we couldn't be happier with our big boy!
3 Months
3 Months
MAX..He is micro-chipped, but I want him to have his registered name too, just
have to decide that... He is very handsome, intelligent, mischievous, and etc,
we love him, you have an outstanding pack. Thanks, Rachel
6 Months
Hi Paulette, he is 3 months old and very smart,
protective, and loyal at such a young age. We
absolutely love him! Thanks, Annie & Larry
3 Months
6 Months
6 Months
6 Months
Paulette, I thought I would drop you a line or two on Jade.  She is the "bell of the ball"
at the farm.  If she's awake it play time!  She loves to play with the Frisbee and fetch
the ball.  She is very high energy and is providing great security.  Several weeks ago
she chased down and killed her first rabbit.  She's loving being a county dog and gets
along great with the rest of the pack.  (If they would just play with her more!) Life is
good if your a 5 year old or a puppy!
Boba since he decided to sit still for a moment. He is doing
great and is a wonderful dog.  I had a stray come up the other
getting another dog from you next year maybe in the spring so
Hi Ms. Paulette, I thought I would send you a few pictures of he
will have a companion. If I don't spend all my money on the
house remodel I'm doing.  I kinda dread raising another pup too
but it should be easier now that I have the necessary tools
available to make it easier for it and myself. He is well behaved
around friends and other animals, which is surprising to me no
more than we socialize away from home. Thanks again for such
a wonderful pup!  Chris
9 Months
9 Months
9 Months
6 Months
Bear has a very gentle, sweet disposition.
He is beautiful inside and out! I don't know
what he weighs now but will update you
when he's weighed again. Obviously, he
has a great appetite!
6 Months
JJ is doing so well. Just finished Puppy Obedience
Class-she was the best one in class. Still working on
socialization to different environments but she has done
well. She is extremely protective of our family. We just love
our Jadey!!!
6 Months
6 Months
Paulette, I really like it here. The Mom got me lots of toys.  My favrit is a big white
thing with "All laundry detergent" on the label.  I scoot it across the kichn floor and
all over the garage. The Mom, Dad, and I watched a looner x-lips.  Don't know what
that is but The Mom and Dad were impressed. I got a snake for Dad.  He said it
back.Then I found a armadillo.  It lives under the deck.  I leave it alone.I have all of
my shots and Dad and The Mom say I'm way over 75 pounds.  The Mom says I'm
too big to be a lap dog but I crawl into her lap anyway and she gives me lots of
love.You can see by the pictures I’m very handsome.Me and The Mom just took a
long walk so I'm going take a nap now.Carson (aka BooBoo)
9 Months
Here is a picture of Boba.  He is doing great!  He
has a wonderful personality and is full of energy
all the time.  It was difficult finding toys he
couldn't destroy; I finally bought a toy ball for
horses and he loves it!  I haven't weighed him
lately but he is huge! Thanks for a great pup!!
9 Months
I know that I've said it before, but we are extremely pleased with
Max, you do deserve all the compliments and credit for such
great breeding.  Max is very smart, he tries to train us!  And, his
colors are beautiful, he has the red face and legs, with silver on
his back.  I have had a lot of people comment on how big he is
for his age.  He is just a few inches shorter than our Malamute.  
He weighs 82lbs, loves to run and play, he is my sons shadow.
look forward to seeing your future pups! Thanks Rachel
6 Months
We couldn't possibly have made a better
choice! She's my best buddy!
"One Year"
Just wanted to send you a picture of
our big boy! It's his Birthday! He is
gorgeous and we love him. Thanks!
"One Year"
Happy 1st Birthday to our little man, Kojak! Weight 101
lbs.Thank you Paulette Johnston for letting Randall and I
bring Kojak to our home and be a part of our family.

Paulette, just wanted to share with you what an awesome
boy we have.Randall and I took Kojak to Cabela's Sporting
Goods Store yesterday in Gonzales. He was on his best
behavior. We were told several times how gorgeous he
was. Everyone wanted to pet him and he was kissing the
ladies and kids. We could not had been more proud
parents of Kojak. Thank you for what you do!!!
"One Year"
Happy Birthday to our handsome Boy!
We think he is perfect, Thanks!
"One Year"
Caesar turned ONE year old today!!! Thank you for being such a great
friend and for raising such beautiful german shepherds - we love both of
ours so much!!! And breeders who charge $5k for a quality gs...ain't got
nothing on this boy!!!!!! Thanks Amanada
"One Year"
Thought I'd send some pics of Boba while I had a chance. He is so
hard to get pictures of, he doesn't stay still long. He is doing great and
we are all fixed up for winter. I just finished installing a heater and
double insulated pet door on his dog house. I also installed a heated
water bucket in his kennel to keep the water from freezing, everything
electrical is protected and the wiring is in conduit so he can't get to it; it
is all protected by GFCI outlets just in case something does happen.
He's a fine German shepherd!
Hi Paulette just wanted you to know
that Jazmine is such a wonderful
German Shepherd. Thanks Paula
"One Year"
Hey Paulette, just wanted to send a few pictures of our
handsome Max, on his first birthday.  He is an awesome
GSD!  Thank you for your contribution to the breed,
Paulette, Here's Bella at 9 months old. We
could not have asked for a better GS. She is
loved... probably even too much as I often
wake up in the middle of the night with 65‎ lbs
on my legs ;-).Thanks, Matt & Violet
9 Month
Carson is so big that neither of us can pick him up - over 100 lbs, we're sure.  We'll have to buy a hanging scale to measure him.  However, he
is still a lap puppy. He takes up about 80% of the couch ... we're lucky to be able to sit. When we go to bed, he jumps up between us.  When
he's sure we're asleep, he gets down and goes to one of his beds, or the couch, or the bathroom (he enjoys the cold floor). Loves to raid our
wastebaskets - can smell cookie crumbs on a paper towel buried under a stack of newspapers.Sneeks next door to visit Ms BettyAnn (age
87-ish) - he adores her and is VERY protective of her.Had his first encounter with snow last week.  It was only about 1/2-inch but he liked it.
Loves to run after tennis balls outside but hesitates bringing them back.  He just wants to be chased!  However, when we're inside he'll bring a
ball to us and drop it in our lap.  Go figure.Distrusts the pickup truck, especially the truck bed.  We're working on fixing that with short trips.The
FedEx and UPS drivers know him and he acts like he wants to go home with them, or anyone else who stops by.  Embarassing.Beautiful coat
with a long-hair mane around his neck, excellent teeth, L-O-N-G tongue with a small black spot in the middle (like a teardrop), affectionate,
doesn't know how big he is, knows certain words - kitchen, plate, bowl, treat, Greenie.  He's learning to show us where the Greenies are
stored.WE'LL KEEP HIM!  We love our boy, Larry
9 Months
9 Months
One Year
She is doing so well. You should see how well she
herds the horses - awesome. We love our girl!!
One Year
"One Year"
One Year
She is a beautiful dog but refuses to hold still for a picture HA!!She’s so lovable
her tail is always going. She is obedient to a tee and a very social and protective
dog with the Kids hear. She is absolutely everything I have could have hoped for.
Thank You Paulette Johnston for a great dog. She is my heart!
My Beautiful
at 3 Years Old