DANCER & MAX'S  Pups  3/25/14
We would like to say "Thank You" to each and everyone of you for believing in us and all that we do. Your trust is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!  Your New Pup!
Blackjack's Major
Blackjack's Maggie
Blackjack's Sweet Queen
Blackjack's Schatzi
Blackjack's Apollo
Blackjack's King
Blackjack's Tebow
Blackjack's Ranger
Hey Paulette
I am an experienced dog owner and by far this is the
smartest puppy I've owned. He's already house trained
and leash trained. I thought my bully was smart but this
lil fella is gonna be my best protector ever. Thanks, Mark
Hey Paulette...he is sound asleep on my foot in the
car. We are both so in love with our puppy
already. Thank you again so much! It was a long
ride home but the puppy did great and is doing a
super job at adjusting. He's soooooo sweet!!!
Thanks Cassie
Kim took the pup to the Vet yesterday and they said that the pup is free of
parasites, looks great, has a perfect bite with his teeth with no over or under bite.
They commented that that they rarely see a GS pup come in with perfect bite.
Although no x-rays were taken she felt of the pups hips and said everything
seems to be great in that area as well. We are scheduled to go back on the 22nd
for the second shot. As far as at home he is adjusting well. Still sleeping a lot but
plays hard when he's awake. Thanks for the great job you do with these pups
Paulette. Be safe and we'll keep you updated. Mike
Hi Paulette..We decided to name our puppy Apollo. He is doing
wonderful! Everyone that meets him just immediately falls in love with
Apollo. Thank you so much for this loving addition to our family.
Working with you was a pleasure. Feel free to use any pictures I post
on Facebook of Apollo! Best Wishes, Cassie
Blackjacks Sweet Queen AKA Chloe Elizabeth Ulmer is adjusting well to her new
home. She is trying hard to make friends with our Bassett Hound Boots but he is
not being very cooperative! She loves to eat anything she can put in her mouth
but her stomach doesn't agree so we are having to monitor her pretty close! She is
doing well at night and is really good about letting you know when she wants
something. Her personality is definitely coming out and everyone in our home is in
love with her!! Thanks, Leah
Vet Visit was great! No worms. Got her
shots, got her micro chipped, toenails
clipped, started on heart guard and set
up our appointment in three weeks!
She was a trooper!! Vet said she was
an alpha female.  Lol
Hi Ms. Paulette, Schatzi was a super star at the vet's office this
evening.  She received so many complements and one lady
even asked to take a picture of her :).  Dr. Williams examined
her and stated that she is a healthy puppy. She got deworm
and puppy corona and parvo shots. Schatzi weights 12.8 lb.
now. Our next appointment is on June 2nd for a 10 week
puppy shots.  Schatzi is such a happy puppy and we are
having so much fun with her.Thank you! Siga
Major is getting huge and a lot more of a
aggressive bark, he has his 12 week
appointment tomorrow we will let you know how
much he has gained. Thanks Dallas
Hi Paulette,We hope you are doing well.  Just wanted to let
you know Schatzi is doing great and growing fast.  She is
23.8 lbs now.  We had a Vet's visit this morning for her 12
week puppy shots and she did very well.  She is so smart and
so much fun; we absolutely love her. Take care, Siga
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
Hi Paulette, Maggie is super smart and weighs 29+ lbs. She gets along with our other animals and has the
sweetest personality. We love her and we are very pleased with her. Take care Frank..
3 Months
Hey Paulette, Here is a 12 week pic of Tebow. He is just rotten! Everyday he gets smarter and
has such a good personality. We are very pleased with him and his progress. Thanks Mike
3 Months
Ranger is doing great! Tomorrow we have our first day of training! The
vet loves him and says he is very healthy. His potty training is coming
along very nicely with only a few accidents here and there. Ranger is
very playful and enjoys playing with a ball and going for car rides. We
all love him very very much! Thank you so much for giving us such a
lovable healthy pup! These pics are all from today at 12 weeks old.
3 Months
King is doing great. Everyone just loves him 2 death. He's
doing a little bit or gardening in my flower beds but other
than that he's progressing well. Tks for such a great pup.
He's my lil
3 Months
Hey Ms Paulette! Both Ears are Up! I
Adore him...
Own vacation at the beach....
5 Months
5 Months
Hi Paulette!Here are some pictures of my sweet 6 month old Apollo.
He is such a wonderful dog and protects my son like I never would
have expected. They are inseparable.  We love him so much! Hope
you are doing well!
8 Months
Hi Paulette, hope all is well with you
and all of your beautiful German
Shephed champions! I think Max and
Dancer gave us their best with this girl.
Maggie is without a doubt an Alpha
female, non-stop energy, intelligent,
mischievious but obedient, strong
willed and affectionate, protective and
so eager to please....did I leave
anything out? She is the complete
German Shepherd in my opinion, but
as I said we are not biased but we
know what we've got. Thanks Frank
7 Months
7 Months
Hi Paulette, Our Schatzi is doing great!
She weighs 64 lbs and is still growing.   
She is so beautiful and sweet; always
excited to play or go for a walk.  We
absolutely love her! Thanks, Siga
7 Months
Hey Paulette
Here is a current pics of Tebow. He has grown into a fine
young man and loves his mama. Things are going great
with him and he is so smart. Thanks again!
8 Months
8 Months
Chloe in her favorite spot...
Schatzi is doing GREAT!  She loves
being outside and loves the snow :)  I
cannot believe she is almost 1!  I like
this picture of her playing at the park
this morning.  She is so pretty.
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
Ms Chloe celebrated her 1st birthday
this past week! She is absolutely
amazing and the best friend we could
ever ask for!! Thank you
1 Year
1 Year