(Niko)  DANCER & TRIP'S  Pup 2/11/13 - Owned by John & Erika
Blackjack's Niko
Paulette, We just went to the vet and as expected Niko is perfect. He weighs a solid 13.7 pounds! We made it
through the first night with no major issues. He liked napping in his crate but was not a fan when the door
closed. Still we all got sleep last night so that is a bonus. He has mastered going up and down the stairs to our
front door and knows to sit in front of the door to go out or in. He will come almost every time and is learning his
name. The outside cats are ignoring him just like the inside ones. Modo stayed with him during his howling last
night so all is well on that front :) He is very interested in the goats and watches them closely. They watch him
just as closely. And...Niko just found our pond! Lots of baths in our future ;) Just wanted to send you an update
and let you know he is doing great! Erika and John
Hey Paulette! She's doing great! Took her to
the vet yesterday and she got a great report
card! I'm going to send you some pictures
Blackjack's Delta
Blackjack'sMighty Thor
Blackjack's Tebow
responding but we are having trouble sending pictures
so we have been working on that. She is comfortable
with the home and we are working to house breaking
her - she is dong fine with that.This is Bennett with Delta
@ 8.5 wks old..thanks
HI Paulette...He has settled in nice and doing
great. We just love him and will send pictures
soon. Thanks for our big boy!
GREAT! He has fit right in with our family.  We
have survived the first week and he did
very well in his kennel. He has been very and
is already learning commands. The vet sang
praises about his health and overall
appearance. He has grown and changed so
much in one week. He has gotten longer and
taller and has got a very healthy appetite. I'm
sure he will be a very BIG boy. I can not thank
you enough for allowing us to share the life of
one of your babies! Sincerely,
Josh and Amanda
3 Months
Thor at 3 months. He has grown a lot,
weighing 28.4 pounds.
3 Months
4 Months
doing well and a huge baby boy. He just went to
vet for his second time the other day. All shots
are up to date. He got some meds for some skin
fungus issue but hopefully that will clear it up. He
has adapted to his family well. He is in the
house most of the time and is not having to use
the cage anymore. He is much loved, Thanks for
our handsome boy! David
3.5 Months
JACKIE & MAX'S Pups 6/07/13
Blackjack's A-Night At-The Roxbury
Blackjack's Max
Blackjack's Rambo
Blackjack's Ranger
Blackjack's Shadow
Blackjack's Kai
Blackjack's Queen of  Hearts
JAZZ & MAX'S Pups 6/14/13
We registered our puppy as Blackjack's Queen of
Hearts.  Queen is doing very well. She has found the
food and water,  has have registered our puppy as
Blackjack's Queen of Hearts.  outside. Our vet was
very impressed with her and found her to be Queen is
doing very well. She has found the food and water,  
has healthy & perfect. Our cats are not very happy
but not overtly Just wanted you to know that we all got
home safe and sound. We played with all her toys and
takes care of her bodily functions hostile. It will take a
few days for them to even acknowledge her. Queen is
resting now!  It has been a busy day for her.
Niko, he is like a new Dad! Constantly her
vet check.Kai was 12.8 pounds she is
healthy and perfect. Our vet was very
impressed (again) with the quality of your
puppies. Niko is adjusting well to the
company :). I don't think he will ever be
Niko, he is like a new Dad! Constantly
checking on her :) We just took Kai for
her vet check.Kai was 12.8 pounds she is
healthy and perfect. Our vet was very
impressed (again) with the quality of your
puppies. Niko is adjusting well to the
company :). I don't think he will ever be
picky about food again! Hope you are
enjoying your reduced work load. Talk to
you soon. John & Erika
Ranger fell asleep in the truck on the way home.
He explored the backyard before coming in to lay
down. He's a wonderful dog.Thanks, Barry
Blackjack's Hector
Blackjack's Colonel Reb Klenk
Blackjack's Brodi
Hi Ms. Paulette, We just wanted to let you know that
"Roxy" made the trip to Arkansas with no
problems.She is doing quite well getting acclimated to
her new environment. She did good in the crate last
night with a few trips outside during the night/morning.
Reese is having a great time playing chase around
the yard, as Roxy runs to catch him. I told him, he has
a couple weeks before she runs him down. It was very
nice to meet you & Wayne and to see your place.
Thank you for everything and we will keep you
updated. Chip, Cara, Reese and Roxy Brown
the way home but is doing perfectly fine now. He is
sleeping a lot and getting used to his new home. Thanks
for such an amazing dog. We will be posting pictures
Home and resting in his new bed...I love him already
Blackjack's Rommel
Hey Paulette, just wanted to let you know that Max is
doing great. We love him very much and we are very
happy and pleased with him. We took him to the vet
today and he is very healthy. Like you said, he has no
worms and his hips are in great shape. I sent you a
picture of him enjoying a bone. Max is very smart, I think
he has almost mastered house training. You said that he
would whine when he has to go and that's exactly what
he does. He didn't whine at all on the way home. He
loves his new home, he is already used to the crate.
When I teach him something, he picks up on it the first
time. I would like to thank you and Wayne for the
wonderful job you have done with Max, and i will be sure
to stay in touch and send pictures as he grows.Thank
Pocahontas, TN
Madison, MS
Coldwater, MS
Southaven, MS
Proctor, AR
Memphis, Tn
Winona, MS
Collierville, TN
Pocahontas, TN
Minter City, MS
Horn Lake, MS
Bolivar, TN
Germantown, TN
Blackjack's Coco Mademoiselle
Hey Paulette, Just wanted to let you know we made it
home and the puppy was great. She never got sick and
sat in our laps the whole way home. She is so sweet.
Thanks for holding her for us and I'll keep you updated on
her progress.
everything checked out great!! No worms. She
weighed in at 12.6 lbs and is scheduled for her next
shot according to the schedule you provided. Chip
Pearl, MS
Hi Paulette..Rambo and my daughter, Ana, are adapting
together great!!!  Thanks, we really love our new family
member. Kris
Our Niko at 6 Months....He is 68+ pounds and 26" at the
withers. He is still a challenge but we expected that. He
has adapted to Kai well and they are on their way to
being best friends Thank you for them both and we will
keep you posted on their progress. Erika & John
6 Months
This is Thor at 6 months. Energy is an
understatement...lol. We love him and he's
very smart and loving. He weighs 70 pounds
and is doing great! Thanks Amanda & Josh
6 Months
Hi Paulette. Just wanted you to know we love our boy and call him Rommel. He is
awesome. He is doing great too. Thanks Boyd W
He weighs 28.9 lbs. Very smart and we just love him..Thanks
She is doing pretty well on the house training potty issues.
She went to the vet on Thursday for her 12 week
appointment and we were lucky to get her back. They all
want to keep her!!! She currently weighs in at 23 lbs. Both
her ears are standing up and seem to dwarf her head. (At
least for now.) She has driven around with me and my wife
and does pretty good with that. Everyone that sees her just
loves her and we tell them where they can get one just like
her. Roxy loves our big bed and enjoys her time on my side
of the bed when I am gone. She is very hard headed, very
smart and knows how to work it. We just love her to death
and enjoy it all. I will be sending pictures to you this weekend.
I hope all is going well with you and Wayne. We are just
having a great time with Roxy. Best regards, Chip, Cara,
Reese And of Course "Roxy" Brown
Ranger is doing well. He has learned to sit, stay, and lay
down. He is so smart. He loves being outside, we go out in
the mornings for coffee and to watch for squirrels.  He loves
people and we have been getting him around all types of
folks.The vet (she has a German Shepard) was impressed
with how you handled the pup's care. Thanks, Barry
3 Months
Shadow is doing great. Storm, our other shepherd,
and Shadow get along great. It was hard to keep him
still, but here are a few pics.
Blackjack's Max
Hi Paulette
He is doing great and the vet said he was in excellent health. He is very alert
and smart. I just love him! Just wanted you to know I'm very proud to own such
a magnificent puppy....Thanks, Bob
3 Months
Hey Paulette, Max is doing great and we are very happy
with him. He has had all his shots and is in good health.  I
am taking him to obedience training now and he is doing
good with that. Thank you again for our Maximus. Wali
Paulette We are so pleased with Queen's progress over
the past few weeks.  She is 3 months old now and it is a
real pleasure to have in our family.  She is still the
Tasmanian Devil dog you remember when she plays with
her sister Kai but is getting along much better than
expected with our cats.  Queen and Kai walk together
every morning and play every afternoon.  Niko, the big
guy, is very patient with the 2 pups.  Queen weighs 23.5
pounds and is 15.5 inches at the shoulder - growing by
leaps and bounds.
3 Months
3 Months
Kai is 16.25 inches at the shoulders and tipped the scales at
26lbs 14oz. She is a solid girl with great color. The red is
coming up her shoulders and back legs fast! She is doing
great on her training. She walks well on her leash and her off
lead recall is getting more consistent. She and Niko get along
great and are a blast to watch. We are pretty sure Niko loves
her more than us now :).We are enjoying watching them grow
and seeing how different they are, but both are so smart!
Thanks for our pups! John & Erika
6 Months
3 Months
Hi, Paulette,This is Tebow at 6 months old
looking handsome as ever. He had just gotten
home from being groomed at the vet. Everyone
raves at how gorgeous he is and of course; we
agree. thanks, David
6 Months
4 Months
3 Months
Colonel after his vet visit. He's my big boy at 47.6
pounds. Thanks for our boy! We love him very
3 Months
This is Storm on the left and Shadow
on the right..Storm just turned a year
old and Shadow is 5 months. He is
almost as big as her. Love her
9 Months
Hey Paulette, Niko's 9 month check in.He is doing great! He
is 90 lbs and 29" at the withers. He has tons of energy and
loves to run and chase his ball. His protective mode turned
on last week and he is noticing everything around him a lot
more. He and Kai are best friends and get along great.
Thanks again for our wonderful pups. Erika & John
Just wanted to send you a picture of Thor.  He is doing great and definitely
has his own personality.  He loves the kids!  Thank you so much for our boy.
Josh & Amanda
9 Months
3 Months
5 Months
Rambo is doing great!!!  He has gone
through basic training in Tupelo and was
bragged on by the trainer.  He goes back in
a couple months.  Really love our Rambo.
5 Months
Tebow is fabulous!! He seems to be growing
by the minute and loves to be included in
whatever is going on. I'm a little nervous about
the Christmas tree this year because Tebow
can be a bit mischievous but we shall see
9 Months
5 Months
3 Months
5.5 Months
I'm sorry to have been out of touch for so long.  Max is doing great!  He is completely healed from
his broken toe and weighs about 40 lbs. now.  I'm training him at a gradual pace and he is
responding well.  He's a happy puppy and has become completely attached to me.  He's a
wonderful dog and I'm so glad that I got him.  My kids love him and he loves playing with them.  I've
attached a picture that is about a month old.Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and I'll try not to
let so much time go by before I update you again. Bob
6 Months
months old. She is currently weighing in at 60 lbs
and enjoying herself. She is doing very well with
Reese, are 5 year old son, and is a joy to have
around. Hope you and Wayne have a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. Chip, Cara,
Reese & Roxy Brown
Hey Paulette, Ranger is doing great. We do a daily 1
mile walk and he is meeting all kinds of people and
other dogs. The other day a neighbor's dog had
gotten out and we had her in the house until they
could come over. She is old and nearly blind. Ranger
was quite nice, gently herding her around when she
was walking. He is nipping less, but really likes to jump
up on us when he is playing. We love him. Have a
great Christmas.Barry
6 Months
At 6 months Kai is 60 pounds
shoulders. She is a girl that
makes us smile everyday
and definitely has a mind of
her own. She is so smart and
knows exactly what she is
supposed to do, but likes to
do it in her way :). We
wouldn't change her for
anything! She and Niko are a
bonded pair, and have been
from the day they met. I am
fairly certain that they are
more devoted to each other
than to us :). Thank you so
much for both of our big,
furry kids! Merry Christmas!
Erika and John
Hi Paulette, This is Brodi at 6 Months. I
think Santa might be afraid to leave
present with Brodi under the tree..lol
Merry Christmas!
6 Months
Hector looks a lot like his mother. He is doing great and growing like a weed. He is extremely full of energy.
He knows how to sit, stay, jump up, kiss, lay down and roll over. Very smart in my opinion. House breaking
was the easiest thing we have ever done. He went in the house 3 times when we brought him home and that
is it. He is either running wild playing with us or sleeping. He does not have much of a middle gear yet. We
have found out that he hates the vacuum cleaner hahaha that makes cleaning the house real eventful with
him barking and jumping at the vacuum. Haha he is already very protective of us. Everything is going great.
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!
6 Months
Queen is growing up before our eyes.
We can see her change every day.  
Some days she amazes us with her
excellent behavior and the next day she
is completely mischievous and stubborn.  
Such a teenager!  She continues to test
us but I guess we must all be learning
since we have mostly good days. Queen
weighs 55 lbs and is 22.5 inches at the
shoulder.Thanks Karen
6 Months
6 Months
Max is doing very
good, he loves us
and we love him. He
is by far the smartest
dog we ever had. He
is doing real well in
his training class.
Thanks for our
handsome boy, Wali.
6 Months
Niko at one yr is 95 lbs & 30". He is the sweetest and most
good natured dog possible. He is protective of our house
and vehicles but is such a gentle soul with the people and
kids that he meets. He is everything that we could have
asked for in a dog. His ball drive is off the charts and he will
do anything to play. He is so smart and a very well
mannered boy and we love him. He and Kai are beyond
bonded and we look forward to breeding them next year!
Thank you for our kids :)
One Year
He has been a great addition to our family! He loves our kids,
and that's an understatement. He is very smart and loves to
play. Our vet says he's beautiful and a perfect example of a
GSD. He's a big boy at 94 pounds.
One Year
Queen at 9 months (65 lbs and 24 inches at the
shoulder). She enjoys being outside, playing or
just hanging around. Queen is a wonderful to work
out their relationships with each of the 3 cats
getting regular baths with only a little parental
supervision. Queen is very well adapted to the
in-ground  fence around the perimeter around our
cabin. The rooster and the cats know where the
boundary is just as well so they can tease Queen.
balls, catch frisbees and go for long walks. Thanks
Kai is 9 months now and 26" at the withers and a
very solid 75 pounds. She is the most easy going,
relaxed, happy girl imaginable. She is
independently minded at times but that keeps life
interesting :). She is beyond bonded with Niko and
keeps him on his toes! We love and adore them
both and cannot remember life without them.
9 Months
Coco is so great . We just love her. Has a sweet and kind disposition . She is getting big she weighs 65lbs. Just had
her spade . Almost didn't do it because she would have made great puppies. We sent her to be trained because
she would take off and would not stop when kids came through our yard. She has 35 acres to play and 2 cats. We
have considered getting another dog for her to have a companion. Thanks
9 Months
Recently he started escorting us from room
to room. If Lori goes to the kitchen, he'll
follow her and sit down until she goes to
another room. He is a great addition to our
9 Months
One Year
9 Months
He is doing great he is really active and likes to play. He is doing real well with all of his commands, and we are enjoying every minute with him. I have not weighed him lately but I
am guessing he is around 85 pounds and his coat is exactly what we were hoping he would look like. He has a big boy bark now and let's us know every time someone or
something is in the yard!! Thanks for our big boy...Adron
9 Months
9 Months
Hey Paulette, Max is doing very well. We
still get a lot of compliments on him . Max
is at the top of his class in training, he is
in level 3 now, which is the last level of
obedience training. Next he will be doing
protection training. Thanks again.Wali
Here is a current picture of Roxy Brown
at 11 months. Sorry for the delay. She
is doing very well and weighs around
75 to 80 lbs. Our 5 year old son and
her really have a good time. She does
bed and stealing the covers at night in
our bed. She is a wonderful dog and
we thank you for that. Hope you and
Wayne are doing well with all the new
puppies. Thanks again!
Chip, Cara, Reese and Roxy Brown
P.S.-The ladies at the bank enjoy
spoiling her with treats all the time
when we go there.
How's it possible that Kai is a year old already?  
She has grown into a calm, alert and confident
girl who can still be a goofball. She is 26 Inches at
the shoulder and 80 pounds.  She is solid without
having any fat or extra weight.  As the weather
has gotten warmer she has developed a love of
the pond and swimming. She and Niko remain as
bonded as ever and they enjoy play time with
Queen. Thanks for our two amazing dogs!
We are so happy to have Queen living with us.  She is
a delight.  At one year she weighs 70 pounds and is 24
inches at the shoulder.  Queen has mellowed and is
well adapted to our lifestyle - and our cats.  Best of all,
she is well integrated into the ‘pack’  (Niko and Kai) and
so has a great time playing with them. The pond is very
popular and Niko and the girls are now swimming fools.  
It has been an exciting year for all of us watching her
grow up. She is a gentle dog with an interest in almost
everything. This summer she is enjoying the pond with
Niko and Kai to keep cool. Everyone has been helping
Queen be part of the family - even the cat! Thank you
so much for our Queen.
One Year
One Year
Ranger is doing well. As you can see he is willing to
work. When I cut he carries it out of the way. He's
up to 90 lbs. We took him out of town to see my
mom. She walks w/ a cane, and he would escort her
to make sure she got around ok. She loved it and
enjoyed his antics. Tomorrow he graduates from
Amy Lear's PAL puppy training. He has picked up
on all the commands, but is more interested in
socializing with the other pups...lol
Ms. Paulette,
Here is a current picture of Roxy at 1
year old. She is doing good, in great
health and has her own unique
personality. She weighs in around 75
lbs and enjoys playing with our 5 year
old son. It is like having 2 kids in the
house. Hope you and Wayne are
doing well along with all your family
members outside. Thank you for such
a great addition to our family.
Chip, Cara, Reese & Roxy Brown
One Year
One Year
One Year
Both ears are up and he is everything we could want in a
German Shepherd. We love him so very much, Thanks Boyd
Max is a year old and about 90+ pounds and still growing. He
passed all of level 3 obedience training and now he is doing
protection training and agility training. He is the best dog I ever had.
Still to this day I get so many compliments on how good he looks. I
have given your number to a couple of people, so you might be
getting some calls. Thanks again for such a wonderful GSD.
One Year
14 Months
One Year  
with His Girl Friend "Sable"
One Year
My beautiful Compaion "CoCo"....
Paulette, Hope all is well. Here is a picture of
Ranger wearing his AKC Star Puppy medal.
He looks quite proud.Take care,Barry
21 Months
18 Months
Hey Paulette, here are some pics of Maximus at 17 months. He is doing
very good. He is 90 pounds. He is in advance obedience training and
protection training. He is also at the top of his class. Thanks again. Wali
2 Years Old
Two Years
Niko is 2 years old!  He is 101 pounds of pure muscle and 31.5
inches at the shoulder.  He is loving and gentle and yet
protective. He loves to play and thinks any kind of training is
fun. He excels at tracking and is training for search and rescue
work. We couldn't be happier or more proud of him!
Two Years
Rambo loved his first snow
day.  Adapted to it just like a
shepherd should. Kris
1 Year Old
3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
One Years
Pocahontas, TN
Time has flown and Kai is almost 2! She
has grown into the most amazing dog,
super smart, confident and sweet. She is
an outstanding watch dog, loves agility,
tracking, swimming and hiking. She and
Niko remain attached at the hip :) Thanks
again for these 2 amazing dogs!Hope all
is well with you guys! Erika, John, Niko
and Kai
(Kai) JACKIE & MAX'S Pup  6/07/13  -  Also Owned by John & Erika
DANCER & TRIP'S  Pups 2/11/13
Two Years
(Queen) JACKIE & MAX'S Pup 6/07/13 - Owned by Karen
(Emma) JAZZ & MAX'S Pup 6/14/13 - Also Owned by Karen
Two Years
16 Months
17 Months
19 Month
Emma came to us when she was a year old.  She has adapted well to her new home with Queen and is learning to live
peacefully with our 3 cats.  Emma really wants to ‘shepherd’ the cats around the house much to their confusion.  She has
found that 'herding cats’ is a real challenge! Emma is well mannered, and is a great addition to our household.   It is great
to see the strong bond between her and Queen, her half sister.  They play hard together and keep each other well
exercised!  Emma has easily joined the play with my daughter's German Shepherds, Niko and Kai, so now we have 4
German Shepherd play group.  The foursome is quite a sight. Thank you for Emma.  She is beautiful and a delight.
2 Years Old

Queen brings excitement with her mind
of her own, but she is maturing into a
(almost) well mannered dog. It has
been great to have Emma to run with
her for the past year to keep both
dogs exercised. Off-lead runs in the
park have been a delight for us all.
Queen remains very red - it is
interesting to see how her coloring has
changed over the past 2 years.
2 Years Old
It is hard to believe that Niko is 3 already! It seems like
yesterday that we brought him home :) He is the sweetest,
most wonderful boy we could ever ask for and we are so
happy with him. Thank you for our boy!
Three Years
Three Years
She is still the sweetest girl possible but is
also always ready to alert us to anything
new at the house. She is an energizer
bunny when it comes to playing :) She and
Niko remain closer than close. Thank you
for our beautiful pups! Erika, John, Niko
and Kai
both have their third birthday this week and that is always a good excuse to reflect
on the changes over the past year. Both girls are much more grown up; even
Queen is much more relaxed. They occasionally are still crazy dogs with a good
game of 'can't catch me' but more often we spend time watching and exploring.  
Most significantly, both dogs are getting very good at their new work - pulling.  
They will work together to pull almost anything now - garden carts to sulkies and
scooters.  The exercise is great for them and they have lots of fun. Our family - 2
dogs, 2 cats and 2 people fits so well together!  We thank you so much for our
beautiful girls.