Blackjack's Dallas Diva
All I can say is Paulette you raise incredible puppies. We drove 5.5 hours each way to pick her up
and she only whined for about 10 minutes of whole trip no accidents either. She is so full of spunk
and curious. It's so funny she's like ...100 mph then next minute zero, she's out. Of course, you
can see she is very much loved and already becoming spoiled. You are the best breeder I've ever
heard of, read about, or met. You treat these puppies with love and you do this; as we could tell
out of love. Thanks Selah
Blackjack's Super Sara Cv60
Sara is an extraordinary puppy Paulette! It is
very obvious that you spent some quality time
with the pups! Thank you so much! David
Blackjack's El Patron
On our trip home, Ty and our new puppy are
already bonding! Thank you
Blackjack's Casey
Blackjack's Breezy Lovelynn
JACKIE & TRIP'S Pups 8/11/12
Blackjack's Bella
Paulette, Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you. Bella is such a
sweetheart. She and Bear get along great. I know that she weighed 16.9 lbs
on Oct. 9, when she went to vet for shots. She's growing bigger by the day.
We absolutely love her. Thank you for such a wonderful pup, Tina & David
8 Weeks
She is doing great. Her name is Breezy Lovelynn (my granddaughter
wanted to add Lynn because that is mine and her middle name).
10 wks old
10 wks old
Blackjack's Clyde
3 Months
4 Months
4 Months
I have always had a GSD since I was a
child everyone of them was super sweet
, loyal and smart but Dallas from
Blackjack's is the most incredibly
intelligent GSD. She is my reason to get
up everyday. If I'm laying on floor she
lays beside me. If she thinks I'm having
trouble she notifies someone else in the
house. Thank you Paulette for my best
B-day present Jim's ever gotten me.
The gift that keeps on giving..
5 Months
6 Months
6 Months
Hi Paulette, We love our
"Big" boy! He is rather large
but I can still pick him He is everything we
would ever want in a
German Shepherd and
6 Months
6 Months
Hi Paulette everyone thinks he is just beautiful, both of
them. He is sooo smart and catches on so quick. He is
getting big fast and we just love him. My pretty boy Clyde!
I am so pleased with both of them. He is such a good boy,
he listens and is so loving. Everyone always compliments
both of them. He is as tall as Bonnie already. He is filling
out beautifully! I couldn't be more pleased. They bring me
such joy. I love watching them together, they really love
being together. He's got me wrapped. i love him so much.
7 Months
Bella now weighs somewhere around 70 lbs at 7 Months. She is an absolute sweetheart. She has
a scary sounding bark. Friends of ours say they wouldn't come by if we weren't home. I can't
believe how much time she and Bear spend inside with us. They love to get up on the couch with
us, but with their size, only one at a time will fit and still leave room for one of us. We're so glad
we have her in our life. Thanks so much, Tina
8 Mons
Hey Paulette! Hope you and Wayne doing great and enjoying a new litter soon. This is my girl at 9 months. She is sweet and smart as well as beautiful. Knows sit, down, stay, bring-it, go
to your bed, Kennel-up. "Knows" leave-it, come,off but doesn't always like doing those! Hahaha.  Pet that beautiful Joker/Jazz and Casey's mom and pop for me. Take care;) Lynn
9 Months
Hi Paulette..This is Sara at 9 months.
They don't come any better than
her..very pleased with my girl, Thanks
9 Months
9 Months
9 Months
Hey Paulette, So happy to send a few
pictures of my beautiful "furbaby." Tripp
and Jackie gave her the best of both their
genes! Thank YOU for my sweet, smart
girl. You raise the most wonderful German
Shepherds and, if I were younger, I'd be
on the list for a puppy from Heidi's first
litter :) Best to you and Wayne and all your
great dogs. Take care, Lyn
"One Year"
"One Year"
My handsome Clyde is 1 today!
He is the sweetest boy ever.
"One Year"
"One Year"

Sorry it has taken me a while to get
back to you with updated pictures, but
the number of animals on our little farm
keeps growing.

We now have 5 horses, 6 donkeys,
19+ goats, 4 ducks , 28 chickens and
of course the 4 dogs. I stay pretty busy.

Bella is the sweetest thing. We can't
imagine our lives without her. She has
without doubt become a member of our

Thank you so much,

Tina Davis
"One Year"
"One Year"
He's loving, playful, and stubborn.
You are the best! I often consider
getting Patron a buddy from you
Thanks, Sherri
updated pic of KC (fits my big girl better
than the Casey spelling she had as a little
pup!)  She is so sweet and So Smart. We
are working seriously on her training and
she is doing great...always one step
ahead of me!  She finally grew into those
big beautiful ears didn't she? Can tell from
your FBK posts that y'all are doing well.
Love seeing the gorgeous new pups and
Blackjack's expansion.  Just a fabulous
kennel of GSDs. Give Pop Trip and Mom
Jackie extra pets from us.
Take Care, Lyn & KC
1 Year & 10 Months