Blackjack's Gambit
Blackjack's Isis
Hey Mrs Paulette!!!I just wanted to let you know that I took Isis in today to get her
shot and de-worming at the vet. She is in excellent health and everything checked
spunky, sweet, and very smart. I will try and send you some pictures. My camera is
broken so I will try to see if I can send some by my cell phone. I just love her so
much! She is an absolute perfect puppy! Sincerely,Kristin
Hey Paulette! Bonnie is doing very well. She even slept all night last night. Just a few minutes ago
she actually scratched at the door and went outside and did her business. Other than just a couple of
accidents she's done really well with the house breaking.  Rest assured we love this little girl. She
makes a wonderful addition to our family. I will keep you updated on her progress. It was great
meeting you and hopefully we will be getting another puppy from you in the next year. Thanks so
much! Bobby & Milissa
Blackjack's Bonnie
He is doing Great. First check up was good. He has a
small umbilical hernia and the vet wants to see how
he does. He is growing well and learning quickly. Potty
training could go a bit faster though. Thor is growing
up fast!! His ears are already standing up. Thor
recognizes his name and will respond to "here", "hurry
up", "sit', and "shake" We are going to work on lay
down and fetch this week. The vet believes he will be
rather large. I will try to update you more often.Thanks!
Jaquie & Zach
Blackjack's Thor
JAZZ & MAX'S Pups 3/08/12
Hi Paulette, Remi is doing great! He is settling
into the new home pretty well. He has cried
some the last couple of nights, but we have
gotten some sleep. The existing cat and dog
are really doing well with him. Please send me
your Facebook name again so Brent can send
you some pictures. He walked on a leash for
the first time last night, and is starting to bark
at the door for pottying. Thanks for the great
puppy! Margaret
Blackjack's Remington
Blackjack's Lucky Luke
Blackjack's Jackson & Blackjack's Layla
Hey! I took the pups to the vet this morning. Everything was great and everyone was so
impressed how well behaved they were.They go to the door when they want to do their
business...You done a great job with them and we love em....Take care, April & David
3 Months
3 Months
3 Months
Hi, Paulette, I love my boy! He is my Best Friend! As you can see
he is ...HUGE! He's almost a year old! Hard to believe and he
weighs 100 pounds!Thanks Adam
Hi Paulette, Thor Graduated! He has mastered
the down, stay, drop it, leave it, watch me, and
shake. Later we will add distance to the stay
command and work on the heel, and some other
good dog commands.  He is probably close to
55 pounds (ish) now... Hope you enjoy the
pictures!He is a great dog! We couldn't love him
more. He is spoiled see, his highness needs
pillows to lean upon :)The rambunctiousness is
giving way to a regal and loyal dog. So smart and
we love him..Thanks!Love and Hugs Jaquie and
Hey Paulette, Luke is a very smart boy he goes every were with us and he
now rides in the truck without getting sick. His personality is great and we
named him Blackjack’s Lucky Luke . He is already showing signs of being
protective with strangers and animals, especially at the cattle…lol
We are going to our 3rd training & obedience class this
Saturday and they are excelling with every lesson. Layla
can be difficult sometimes but Jackson is eager to please all
the time even without his leash. We still have 3 more
training sessions left. We break for one month and join the
group class in September. They're favorite dinner is beef
ribs as a special treat once a week, cottage cheese,
shredded squash, blueberries and whatever other goodies I
put in their bowl. They know how to walk on a leash, sit,
stay, and lay down. Working on getting them to come when
called. Still working on that Anyway just want to say
we love them and thought I would share that with you.  Hope
your doggies are doing well. Love & Kisses,Jackson, Layla,
& April S.
Hey, We took Bonnie with us on
vacation to Gulf Shores. She
loved the beach but she didn't
know what to think about the
waves. I love my Bonnie girl and
she is family. Take care
No!..No!..I'm not getting in the ocean...I swear I seen a Shark,
4 Months
3.5 Months
Layla & Jackson Graduated! They are very smart and
we are so very proud of them. They start intermediate
classes in Sept. Take care, April & David
5 Months
5 Months
Isis at 4 Months
6 Months
Remi is 7 months old now. He loves to go
on walks around the neighborhood and
commands of sit, heel, down, easy, and is
trained. Brent gave Remi a bath today- he
was blow dried and brushed!  We will try
to send more emails and pics so you can
see him grow. He loves the kids and has
adapted to our home well. We take him on
walks every afternoon.  He gets along well
with the other shepherd and cat in the
home. The trainer said he was extremely
smart and very protective. Take care
7 Months
Paulette just want to say thanks again for Luke he is growing fast, ears are up and every
one that sees him thinks he is beautiful we can't wait to breed him. Thanks again, Lyn
7 Months
10 Months
One Year
Isis is doing great! She is about 80 pounds now and cute as a button!!
She loves water and her chew toys. Isis is very smart and listens well.
She's my little precious angel  hope all is well with you and all of your
beautiful pups! Love Kristin  
One Year
One Year
7 Months
Hi Paulette, It's Jackson & Layla Birthday! They are One
Year Today! We are very proud of them. Thank You so
much for our beautiful babies...April & David
One Year
One Year
One Year
One Year
15 Months
He is a great dog!  So loving and full of energy!!  He
protects the house from people walking by and serves
as a great guest greeter and doorbell.  He has been
excellent with other dogs (at the dog park and at
training).  He is good with his sister Lily (the black lab).  
He has recently been exposed to an infant and a 2 year
old and was so great with both of them. He thought the
infant was very interesting but just sniffed and looked at
him.  The 2 year old was on his level and became a
fast friend.  We enjoy every day with him even though he
decided to redecorate the house!!Thank you for our
puppy!  We love him lots! Jaquie and Zach
without a doubt the smartest dog I've ever had. Thank you so much! I'll keep you posted and send you another pic at 8 weeks!  I
He follows me everywhere, and he only cries when he has to go to the bathroom or wants to get out of my lap to play. He is
thought a lot about what to name him before I got him and I wanted something with the whole blackjacks theme. So I picked
Gambit! I thought it was a great name for a boy dog and everyone loves it! He's getting used to crate training and has had only 3
accidents where he just got excited and couldn't make it all the way outside. He's super smart and I've brought him around close
He loves to play and Remi is about 80lbs. His vet
says he is excellent health, and he loves to play
with our other dog. Thanks for our handsome
1 Year & 10 Months
Palette, We are loving having Thor as
part of our family! He has been an
amazing addition. He is learning more
and more tricks! We are thinking about
taking him to an agility class and
possibly having him take the good
citizen test. He is great with kids! When
our friends bring them over he is very
attentive of them and tries to play. We
are trying to teach him that 11 month
olds can't throw his ball!

Best! Zach and Jaquie
2 Years
Two Years