JAZZ & JOKER'S Pups 4/11/11
Blackjack's Bella Von Mischief
Blackjack's Stryker Ace
Blackjack's Deuce
10 Weeks                                             3 Months
Blackjack's Barron Von Himmel
3 Months
Blackjack's Belle
Paulette, The puppy  is doing fantastic, he has fit right in here in is
new home. He is learning his name (Deuce) and also how learning to
come when called. Thank you for taking great care of him the first six
weeks, you can tell he has been well loved. Here are some pictures.
Deuce said to tell his mother(Jazz) he loves and misses her.  Dawn
3 Months
4 Months
Blackjack's Pouncer
4 Months
Blackjack's Amazing Zeppelin
9 Weeeks
Blackjack's Daygoe
Hey Paulette
my grandson who is 8 years old compete in a
national soccer tournament. I left Daygoe at the
My family and I went to Orlando, Florida, to watch
Vet for boarding while we were gone. When my
girls picked him up the following Monday, Daygoe
was so excited to see them. He insisted on riding
passenger's seat. He had ridden  only on the back
seat in the past. We all got a kick out of that
demonstration of his personality. We gave him the
went to be with the Lord almost two years ago.  
The German Shepherd was his dog of choice.
Thank you so much for allowing Daygoe to be a
part of my family. Diane   
3 Months
4 Months
Paulette, This is Deuce with our other Shepherd, Ringo, they are buds.
Deuce is doing great, he was an "A" student in puppy class and really a
great dog. Thanks for laying the ground work for Deuce being the great
dog that he is. Tell Joker and Jazz, Deuce said Hi...Thanks Bill
Hi Paulette, These were taken 8/15/11 He weighed
47lbs. at the vet last Thursday at 4 Months Old.Nick
Hey Paulette..Took Bella Tuesday 8/09/11 for her check up she weighed 52 lbs. Everything checked out fine. So proud to have her in my life..Thanks Amanda
We've been on vacation.  Sidney is doing
fine. She is almost 35 lbs in these photos at
3 months loves to get in the pool.  Just had
her at the Vet for final vaccinations.  Thank
you so much, Frank.
Blackjack's Sidney
Hi, Paulette..Deuce is 6 months old now and such an amazing dog!!  He is soooo smart and as you can see beautiful!! Deuce is such a great dog, not really a dog, a member of
the family!!!  He has the best personality and loves to cuddle!! Which I just love, Ringo is not a cuddler and I know it is because he did not have someone like you taking care
of him when he was born.Please keep in touch, and if you are ever up our way I hope you will call and stop by!!  Our door is always opened!! Take care...Dawn
Paulette I have to tell you about Barron, for the last couple of
days we have been taking him into the woods with us and walking
him. Phil keeps on walking ahead of me and I go up into the
woods and Barron puts his nose to the ground and finds me every
time. There were a couple of times that he lost the scent but then
he back tracked and would find me every time...just amazed as to
how smart he is...Pattie
6 Months
Stryker is doing great. We took him camping
for the first time this past weekend and he 65
lbs at 6 Months Old... Couldn't Believe It!   
Thanks, Nick
6 Months
6 Months
3 Months
6 Months
Hi Paulette... Here are a few pictures of Pouncer at 6 months.  
She weighs 65lbs. She is doing great.  She had a great time on
our Vacation.  Take Care,Angela
6 Months
Hey Paulette:   Zep is doing great. Loves to ride in the truck and loves to go
for long jogs. Hope all is well.  Take Care, Joesph
6 Months
J C...brought "Justice" by Christmas Eve....He is Gorgeous and so well mannered. I couldn't believe how HUGE he is..J C I can't thank you enough
for stopping by.  You have done a wonderful job with him and I couldn't be more proud...The best Christmas gift EVER...Thank you so much..
8 Months
8 Months
8 Months
Hi Paulette...Just wanted to send you some pictures of Sidney. She's doing so well. We just love
her and are so happy to have her in our life. She makes us laugh everyday and has tons of
energy; really keeps us busy. Have a great New Year! Frank
8 Months
9 Months
weighs amount 85lbs. She is doing great...We just love her.
Take Care,Angela
6 Months
One Year
One Year
Blackjack's Kentucky Justic
One Year
One Year
Hi Paulette, It was Barron Birthday!
I love my Big Boy, Take care Pattie
Two Years
She is very smart. she opened the door to some shelves, climbed up to get her a wash rag
to play with. I could not ask for a better dog. She is a MESS! She thinks she is a K-9 cop
dog. I can't go to a drive through without her trying to jump out of the window to get
them. I warn them before I pull up to the window.They still jump out of the skin, when
they see and hear her. I don't need ADT anymore. Thanks for my beautiful Girl
I told everyone about how I took "your baby,"  and they just laughed
and said that both you and I have good judgment!  He is growing so fast
and everyone that sees him compliments about how handsome he is.
I've already recommended you to a couple people that asked where I got
him from. Thanks for everything, Nick..

Hi Paulette... Styker is a bundle of energy right now and loves all the
attention he is getting from everyone he meets...take care Nick
Here's my handsome Kentucky Justice.  He
weighs 105.  He is beautiful. Hope all is well
with you. JC
I think it is wonderful you are posting the pups every 12 wks.I know I would enjoy them tremendously..most respectable pet owners and true animal lovers should enjoy this..Anyone can
take 5 minutes of their day to take and send a picture of their puppy - what a great idea! Thanks for posting the new pics and the new Litter Blog 2 pg. I SOOO enjoying seeing Bella's
siblings...they won't be in this funny stage for long so lets ALL capture it with updated photos!! Thank you again...love the site!! Amanda..
Paulette...I'm so happy that I got to know you through the 4 legged
babies. I love my Barron so much. He's learning tricks so quick. I talk
to him like I do my kids and he tilts his head as if he knows exactly
what I'm talking about. I thank you again for my baby and meeting
you. I can't wait for another baby from you Barron is going to need a
girlfriend lol.. Not to sure hubby's looking forward to it but I am!!!  
Take care, Pattie
Paulette..My baby boy is getting so big. Had him evaluated for
training. The trainer told me that he could have him trained by the time
he turns 7 months. He also wants to start him in schutzhund training
and start competing. I'm excited can't wait!!!
Hi Paulette,We named him Blackjack's Kentucky Justice.  He did terrific on the trip home to KY.  Slept, played with his
"baby" and bone, and whimpered when he needed a potty break.  He thinks he rules the house...the cats all took off, but have
come back.  The old dogs give him the growl, but he has yet to be really spanked.  They are good dogs.  He DOES like air
conditioning.  We will start some training very soon.  It's just been crazy with the visitors and riding horses, etc., Will send
photos soon.  He's a sweetie. JC...He has lots of room to run and play and get into every thing. He carries my concrete "yard"
chickens around, aggravates the cats, calves, chickens...Fun! Fun!..
Hi Paulette...We are very happy with Belle.  She is all that we thought she would be.  We love her and she has air is. Her towel
was a great comfort to her the first two days. Potty training is coming along.  She is very outgoing. Belle knows when it is
bedtime. She will go get on her pillow and she is out like a light. My husband is wheelchair bound and she loves sitting with
him. Thanks so much, Priscilla. I took Belle to Mt. Mitchell NC to get out of the heat. The temp was 65 so nice. Did not want
to go back to Rock Hill, NC
She is doing great.  Paper training is going good. The only problem I have is her whining when she wants
attention. She is just a little bit spoiled already. Imagine that!  She is learning her name, Pouncer, and
she will be going back to the vet on Saturday for her second set of shots. I will keep you posted.  Thanks,
Angela & Daryl...
Hi Paulette...Pouncer "Graduated" from her puppy class Saturday and will be taking the
intermediate class starting later this month.  She is so smart & doing great! We love her..Thanks Angela
I gave him his first mini bath yesterday from jumping in some but
overall he is adjusting well. Thanks, Joseph
Four (4) Years Old
4 Years
7 Years