Hey Paulette, The new pup is doing great. Everything checked out well at the vet on Friday and he has taken well to my other German Shepherd.  Also, my kids love him!  Other than the crying in his crate the first couple of nights, we’ve had all good experiences.  I named him Blackjack’s Vegas Breaks The Bank.  I call him Vegas! I really enjoyed the experience of visiting Blackjack’s German Shepherds.  Jazz and Joker both look great and I know the pup I received will look just as great.  I was very impressed with your puppy pack and file I received.  It has been very helpful.  I’ll be in touch soon. Jeff

Paulette, The new puppy, Stryker, is
doing just fine. He is becoming more and
more confident by the day. Other than a
little whining, he has been a joy to be
around. I told everyone about how I took
“your baby,” and they just laughed and
said that both you and I have good
judgment! He is growing so fast and
everyone that sees him compliments
about how handsome he is. I’ve already
recommended you to a couple people
that asked where I got him from.
Thanks for everything, Nick

Paulette I would recommend your kennel, Blackjack’s German Shepherds, to anyone who wants a beautiful, happy and well cared for puppy. We received enough food for several days, German Shepherd information
and a towel that the litter had slept on. This was the first time I ever got a new puppy that didn’t cry all night.  I attribute this to the towel. The parents, were also beautiful and very well cared for.  We were very impressed that your puppies were sparkling clean and
so was the area where they lived. Our vet  found him to be healthy and free of any parasites. We named him Blackjack’s Zeus Foglesong. Zeus is growing like a weed and has the best personality and I adore him. Thanks, Jan

Hi Paulette,
What a whirl wind 2 weeks it’s  been. My   
husband’s surgery, and taking her on
vacation with us.  We had a great time  
bonding on our trip.  She is doing great.  
Paper training is going good. The only
problem I have is her whining when she
wants attention. She is just a little bit
spoiled already. Imagine that!  She is
learning her name, Pouncer, and she will
be going back to the vet on Saturday for her
second set of shots. I will keep you posted.
Thanks, Angela & Daryl

Paulette, When we got home and put him
in his crate he started crying. So I put the
towel you sent with him in his crate and he
stopped crying. Too Funny! He just rolled
himself up in it and went night, night.
Sending his towel with him was a Great
idea, because he has not cried since. He
is everything you said he would be and
more. He is extremely bright. He interacts
very well with my cat, too. He  has passed
his veterinarian visit with flying colors.
Just wanted to say, I just absolutely love
him and so glad he is part of my life. I
named him Blackjack’s Day Star Miwok”
(Miwok) means “Bear”  Take care Leo

The cat and Bella have now kissed. I’m
sure he will be staying out of her way
as she gets older. She decided she
didn’t like the crate around 5am this
morning and opened it while locked,
me a blanket on the couch and she
slept like a baby on my pillow…Now
this is funny. My boyfriend was leaving
for work this morning and bent down
to kiss me on my head and she
growled and barked at him!! Once she
realized who he was it was fine but
how funny to be protective like that at
such a young age.. We are having a
blast with her..Thank You so much!

WOW!! Is all I can say. It took me about 5
seconds to decide this was the one for
me. He is very smart and just a joy to be
around. Has the greatest personality and
just wants to take every step I do. He is so
alert to all his surroundings. He is
cautious but fearless. Paulette already
had him sitting, shaking hands and
fetching a tennis ball. At 8 weeks old,
NOW  that was impressive!  She said he
would be very alert, active, hard to handle
and stubborn at times. That made me
want him that much more because, so am
I. I’m certain I got the pick of the litter!!!
Just love him and I call him “Tyler.”  Derek

The puppy  is doing fantastic, he has fit
right in here in is new home. He is
learning his name (Deuce) and also how
learning to come when called. Thank you
for taking great care of him the first six
weeks, you can tell he has been well
loved. Here are some pictures. Deuce
said to tell his mother(Jazz) he loves and
misses her.

Dan  I was a little apprehensive at first
when you said that you were going to drive
for over 8 hours from Panama City, FL to
see this pup.  As you said,
 “It was
worth the drive!” 
Enjoyed meeting
you and I feel sure you made a great
choice. He is going to be a Big Boy and a
great addition to your family. I will miss
him but knowing he will be well cared for
is what it is all about anyway.  I like the
name you chose  Blackjack’s Benjamin!
Enjoy and let me know how the ride home
went. Thank you so much and take care!

He is doing great. He didn’t cry one
time on the ride to our home. Eating
well and pooping well outside. I gave
him his first mini bath yesterday from
jumping in some mud in the back yard.
He has his first vet appointment today,
so I will keep you posted, but overall he
is adjusting well. Thanks, Joseph

Hey Paulette
Mr. Gray, our cat, and Elvis, our
Miniature Schnauzer all love our new
BABY!! They weren’t quite sure what to
think about her at first, but all are
getting along very good. You done an
excellent job in house breaking her and
she is very obedient. We are so thrilled
to have her.  I just can’t say enough
about how wonderful she is.
We have decided to name her
Blackjack’s Best of The Whole
Shebang “Sheba” Thank you so very
much and we will keep in touch.

Hi Paulette
We are very happy with Belle.  She is all
that we thought she would be.  We love
her and she has become part of our
family.  Belle knows where to come in
from outside already, because that is
where the cool air is. Her towel was a
great comfort to her the first two days.
Potty training is coming along.  She is
very outgoing. Belle knows when it is
bedtime. She will go get on her pillow and
she is out like a light. My husband is
wheelchair bound and she loves sitting
with him. Thanks so much, Priscilla

This is our Delilah. She is getting
so big. We love her color.  You
said she would be  Black and
Silver and she is!  We will l send
more pictures soon.
Dr Nichols

We named her Sidney. She is very
intelligent and already has learned the
basic commands of sit, stay, down,
rollover and shake.  She is just about
house broken and will sit by the door
when she wants to go outside. Her first
Vet check up went well and she is
growing fast. She loves to play with her
tug toys and ball.  She is so excited to
see us when we get home.  Every day
she is learning something new.  We love
her so much! Thanks    
Tanya & Frank

Hi Paulette
Our Big Girl Princess!  She is very
smart. She took some news paper and
drug it in the kitchen and pooped on it
all by herself. I didn’t know what she
was trying to say, so she showed me. I
tell everyone how smart she is and
how she seems to understand every
word I say. Now I have to learn dogie
talk.  I just wanted you know that we
love her and can’t thank you enough.
Her registered name is Blackjack’s
Princess Holdem Mehmi. Thanks

Hi Paulette,
We named him Blackjack’s Kentucky
Justice.  He did terrific on the trip home
to KY.  Slept, played with his “baby”
and bone, and whimpered when he
needed a potty break.  He thinks he
rules the house…the cats all took off,
but have come back.  The old dogs give
him the growl, but he has yet to be
really spanked.  They are good dogs.  
He DOES like air conditioning.  We will
start some training very soon.  It’s just
been crazy with the visitors and riding
horses, etc., Will send photos soon.  
He’s a sweetie. JC

Kacie Here is the picture of you with your new male
pup. Keep in touch and let me know how he is
doing.Take Care, Paulette

I got to see Kacie’s male pup today. She
named him Blackjack’s Zepplynn. He is
huge and she has done a wonderful job

I’m so happy that I got to know you
through the 4 legged babies. I love my
Barron so much. He’s learning tricks
so quick. I talk to him like I do my kids
and he tilts his head as if he knows
exactly what I’m talking about. I thank
you again for my baby and meeting
you. I can’t wait for another baby from
you Barron is going to need a
girlfriend lol.. Not to sure hubby’s
looking forward to it but I am!!!
Take care, Patty

Paulette I imagine that it can be difficult
that she will be well cared for and much
loved! The ride home went great. She
seems to be adjusting nicely so far. My
son and I could not be more thrilled!! She
is so much fun and already a part of the
family. Your love and dedication to the
breed is very evident in all that you do.
Many thanks for renewing my love for this
breed. She is amazing, and she has all the
characteristics of a well breed German
Shepherd. Thanks again, and take care.
Brenda and Dustin

Hi Paulette,
Please know that our puppy, Daygoe, is
doing just fine.  He has grown so much.  
He is a very happy and playful puppy.  All
the family, my granddaughter, daughter
He is a very happy and playful puppy.  All
and myself have gotten so attached to
him.  He is so smart.  I took him to the Vet
the first week of July.  The Vet looked
him over and said he was in good shape
and looked really good. He gave him the
shot that was due.  I will take him back to
the Vet next week for his next shot.
Thanks, Diane

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