Blackjack's Benjamin

JAZZ & JOKER’S Pups  Yes!..We try to stay in touch with all of our babies…Enjoy!!

Well Benji went to the vet Friday and he is in great shape. I thought he was house broken till a few minutes ago, well I should of being paying more attention. He is at 30 lbs and he has gained 11 lbs in 3 weeks. He really is kicked backed; I would almost say lazy. The boy loves to sleep! That’s it for now. Dan & Deb

Benjamin is doing really well he has started to respond to hand signals without any verbal communication, he has also started to become protective of me, Deb and the cats even. He’s favorite treat is an ice cube he chases them across the floor. Benji Boy is a great dog he sleeps in my room at night and never wakes me up. He still has a bit of a problem holding his urine over night he uses his pads, but he still really is just a baby. He does very well when he meets new people or animals. I am going to take him to puppy obedience classes just to really show him off. Deb and I are really very pleased with him. We look forward to many years of companionship with him. Thanks Very Much! Dan and Deb.

Blackjack's Day Star Miwok  

Hey Paulette
I took Bear to the vet October 21st to get his updated shots. The vet couldn’t believe how much he had grown since the last visit. He has gotten taller and longer and was looking thin to me. I guess not because he weighed 47lbs. You said not to get him fat and he’s not. I will send you some updated picture soon.

Bear is an unbelievable companion. He quietly lays his chin on my leg when we watch TV and after a while he will turn around and put his backside against me. Always near, touching with his paw, nose or whatever part he can get close. He is my protector and I am his. Everyone is very impressed that he is so big and still a pup in age. His back is still very black like his Dad’s. I don’t know about the rest of his litter mates, but mine can “TALK”. Exceptionally smart. I love showing him off. I just wanted you to know how much I love him and he loves me.

Blackjack's Zeus Foglesong.

Dear Paulette,
Just went on your Blackjack’s website. You did a fabulous job putting it all together. I really enjoyed reading the testimonials and seeing pictures of Zeus’s brothers and sisters. Zeus is a great dog! We enjoy him so much. He doubled in weight in the month between visits to the vet for his shots. Take care and thank you for a wonderful dog,Jan… Dear Paulette, Here are a couple of pictures of Zeus at six months. He is beautiful like his parents and is becoming very protective of his owners and his yard. Sorry to be so slow to get back to you. All the best, Jan

Zeus is a beautiful big dog. He loves me, likes my daughter and tolerates a few others as long as they don’t get too close. He is a very sweet dog. I feel safe with him around. He is always nearby . I couldn’t love him more. Feel lucky to have one of your beautiful dogs. Hope all is going well for you. Strangers don’t come near my house anymore.
All the best, Jan

Blackjack's Best of The Whole Shebang

Paulette, My Sheba is the smartest German Shepherd ever. We have lever door knobs and she lets herself out whenever she wants to go potty. We have it on video of her doing it. We had bought a dogie door but now we don’t need it. She is working on how to let herself back in and she has almost master that, too. She is all girl and watches every move I make. My guardian angel and I love her so. Thank you so much.                                                     Patsy

Paulette….Sheba is almost 7 months old and has out grown her bed. Sheba and her other animal family members are getting along great. My husband, David, had a German Shepherd before and is working with her obedience training and doing a Great Job!. My schnauzer, Elvis, loves to play Tug-A-War with her. I can’t get out of her sight. She is always near, no matter where I go, there she is patiently waiting and watching over
me. Love Patsy..

This is our Ms Sheba at 3 yrs old. Just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is doing. We love her and she is a big part of our family. Thanks for our wonderful loving Sheba. Take care Patsy

Blackjack's PershingZepplynn

This is Kacie & Zepplynn. He weighed 67 pounds today, 01/05/10, and is growing like a weed. Very protective and has this big bad ferocious bark! He watches Kacie’s every move and she has done a wonderful job working with him. He is eager to please Kacie. Zepplynn and Kacie are a team. Look out! Dog whisper, Kacie is nipping at your heels. We are just so proud of them. Kelli

Blackjack's Tyler

I am sorry to have taken so long sending pictures of Tyler. He loves to play fetch with his ball. You said he would be Mischievous and stubborn. Yes “mischievous” is the perfect word for it….ha!!! But he is absolutely perfect. I wouldn’t want him to be any other way. Take care, Derek

Blackjack's Princess Holdem Mehmi

Hello Paulette
Let me tell you my Princess is doing so fine and so happy and so
loving. Oh my gosh this is the best dog I’ve ever had.
She is a well behaved dog. I am so sorry that I have been so busy. I
am late sending you pictures. She plays with my son and his two
friends they are also 9 years old. They ware her out every day. So
she is getting lots of exercise all the time. We bought her a stand up
feeder witch has a water and food bowl for her. That way she doesn’t
have to bend so much when she eats or drinks. Later on it will be
better for her back. We are going to take her to the vet soon to get
her fixed.
Oh well, here are some pictures of princess . Keep in touch. Will
send you some more soon.
Warm regards,

Blackjack's Vegas Breaks the Bank

Hey Paulette, The new pup is doing great. Everything checked out well at the vet on Friday and he has taken well to my other German Shepherd. Also, my kids love him! Other than the crying in his crate the first couple of nights, we’ve had all good experiences. I named him Blackjack’s Vegas Breaks The Bank. I call him Vegas! I really enjoyed the experience of visiting Blackjack’s German Shepherds. Jazz and Joker both look great and I know the pup I received will look just as great. I was very impressed with your puppy pack and file I received. It has been very helpful. I’ll be in touch soon. Jeff

Blackjack's Delilah

Hi Paulette
Delilah is simply amazing. I am so blessed to have her. She loves
clearly wants to protect her territory and her people.

She loves the opportunity to run through the woods enjoying
the sights and smells. She continues to amaze me with her
sweet temperament, intelligence and desire to be a true
companion. She is everything you promised and more!

My Delilah is a very beautiful dog, everywhere I
go people give her compliments.
Thank you so much for her! I just wanted to give
you an update on how well she’s doing. Take care!

Dr Nichols