Placement of Pups will be Determined by the "Date" we received your "Waiting List" Deposit and or the date we received your "Deposit" to Reserve a Pup. You will be notified when pups are born by
any of our females. You will  have the option to "Pass" or be "Placed" on that particular female's litter. This way, If you are first on the list for a pup out of a certain female and she doesn't have pups, or for
whatever reason, you will not lose your place in line for our next litter....Only Fair Way to do it...

Our Passion for German Shepherds is driven by the Intelligence, Beauty and Temperament of the breed. We lay a great emphasis on the temperament and health in our breeding program. We understand
most of the pups bred by us are going to be raised by families and around kids. Hence our breeding stock is carefully selected for temperament and anatomical soundness. Pups are raised with other
animals, kids and lots of love.

Our Waiting List  We require a $100 deposit to be placed on our “Waiting List”  It’s Non-Refundable....  "The Best Things in Life Are Always Worth The Wait" The worst thing you can do is be in a big
hurry and shop for a pup based on it’s markings, availability, or the lowest price. Take your time in your search and know what is important to you before you start. You are adding a new member to your
family. Isn’t it in your best interest to find a breeder who provides the best care available? The benefits of waiting patiently for something very special can save you Heartache, Vet Bills, and the
disappointment that came with a poorly bred dog.

To Reserve A Pup
Is $500 and Non-Refundable. Ones on the "Waiting List" will be notified and your Deposit to “Reserve” Your Pup is due then. (All Deposits) are applied to the final sale price.    

You Can Pick Up Your New Pup
You can pick up your new puppy when he/she is seven (7) or eight (8) weeks old. Pups can be picked up as early as 6 weeks "Only" If someone will be with them 24/7...Any balance due must be made in
cash at the time of Pick Up.
Please make note****If you cannot pick up your puppy by 8 weeks old. You must notify us and any balance owed is due then. We will only hold your puppy for 7 days
of turning 8 weeks old. If the puppy is not picked up within 7 days of turning 8 weeks old, and no prior arrangements have been made with us. Any all monies paid on said puppy will be forfeited, and the
puppy will be resold.

See Payment Options at the bottom of this page

Anyone can put two dogs together and call themselves a "Breeder" I feel any (reputable/responsible) breeder should have people wanting pups before the breeding ever takes place.           

Our goals are to have consistency of Temperament and Type. In reality this needs to be one of the goals of every dog breeder. Basically this means that the litters should be very Uniform in Looks and
Temperament. When this happens the old theory of "Pick of the Litter" does not mean much. Obtaining uniformity in a breeding program happens as a result of line breeding and experience in putting
pedigrees together. Our past litters not only Met but Exceeded Our Goals here at Blackjack's German Shepherds....

A lot of Love and Attention is Given to each New Pup...Please see Our (Raising Pups) & (Past Litters) Pages.

Do your homework before purchasing a “German Shepherd Puppy” or any breed. Talk to different breeders. Ask for references. Puppies are a whole lot like raising another child. They need guidance, lots
of love and the proper training. They also need Quality food, proper housing, Vaccinations, and medical care should the need arise. The German Shepherd Dog has a proud and distinguished heritage. A
sound dog, raised well, makes an owner forget that other breeds even exist. If this is the breed for you and your family; you have come to the right place. Our dogs are beautiful representatives of the
German Shepherd Breed.
Any pup you chose will be an excellent candidate for  obedience-trained companion due to it’s high intelligence fine temperament, and eagerness to please you and your family. It’s beauty will be sure to
make you proud to own one of these fine intelligent canines....
You will never have a better friend....
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All pups are sold with Limited AKC Registration Papers, Current on All Age Appropriate Vaccinations and Worming. Puppy Pack Includes: 5 Generation Pedigree on Parents,Puppy Food, Hip/Health
GUARANTEE for 26 months and Puppy Care Literature. Reference upon request!    
We Accept Cash or Credit Cards Payments Through Paypal.
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Now Accepting "Waiting List" Deposits for Our Upcoming Planned Litters for late 2018 & Early 2019 ....Most of our pups are sold from this list created before the
breeding ever takes place. As with all things in nature, there are no Guarantees that there will be puppies available in a particular breeding....Planning for future litters is about
'PLANNING'..what we would like to happen... We require at least (3) on our "
Waiting List" before we breed any of our Females. If you are interested in a particular female's litter in our
breeding program, we (Highly Recommend) that you contact us 662-233-4014 or 662-403-1766....
Pups are $1,800 with Limited AKC Registration.
Please Make Note: For those placed on Our “Waiting List” for One of Our German Shepherd Pups. I sincerely apologize in advance if it takes longer than we anticipated...I can try but I cannot control “Mother
Nature”  We are NOT a “Puppy Mill” Producing Pups merely for profit. If so, we certainly could meet the demand placed on us.
Make Sure You Check Out Our Past Litters
Our Planned Litters for late 2018-"Heidi" & "Chief"........Our Planned Litters for early 2019 "Nataly" &"Boonie" will be bred to Our Male "Addison"
.To be considered-Please Read the Following! To Purchase, Reserve, or be placed on our"Waiting List"for a Puppy, please Call 662-233-4014 or 662-403-1766. You must communicate
your needs, level of experience with a German Shepherd, environment to be provided, who will be the primary care-giver, number and kind of other pets, children, and other questions as
Blackjack’s German Shepherds deems appropriate!  All puppies are placed in loving homes upon the sole discretion by me, Paulette Johnston.
Nataly OD Tiganjice
Estimated Due Date - February 2019
Estimated Due Date - April 2019
Estimated Due Date - November 2018
Blackjack's Ms Hi-N-Mighty
"Heidi" Very large, strong and substantial Female. Very good front
and rear angulations, well balanced chest proportions, Straight
(correct) front. Correct going and coming, fluid, ground covering gait
with strong rear drive and free front reach.
V1  Mambo vom
Thüringer-Weg SchH3, Kkl1a, 2001 SG42 German Sieger Show,
2002 V78 German Sieger Show,Father: World Sieger VA1 Ursus
von Batu SchH3, Kkl 1a  Also of world class lineage with
several VA1 titled males and females behind her
.You do not
need to look very far in to this girls pedigree to understand how well
bred she is and the contributions she will make to our breeding
“Bonnie” is large, strong, and substantial female with VA1
titled males and females behind her
. SCHH3(5X),IPO3,AD,
FH VA Big Man Vando Tannenburg, SCHH3 VA/ KKL1
Vando von der Baiertalerstrasse.
She embodies many
great qualities.  She possesses great working ability,
intelligence, and a fantastic temperament. Home protection all-
She brings back the old style heavy bone type. Her
loyalty, drive, and ability to work are complimented
by her striking appearance and sound temperament.
"Nataly" is a Beautiful Black/Red 100% West German Show
Line "Import"
Female. She has many titled Males& Females in
her lineage. We are excited about the contribution she will
make to our Breeding Program.  Daughter to
SG, VV1 (BG)
VV1 (RO) Tino von der Rieser Perle IPO1, VA9 2X VA1(CN)
Furbo degli Achei (2006) SCHH3, IPO2, V1 Oduscha von
der Rieser Perle SCHH2,  VA1(HR,SER,MK) V18 BSZS 2014
Tyson Fixfrutta IPO3, and  2X VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard